Ghost Tour in ChambersLead Light Photo Dining room Midland town HallMidland Town Hall From The BalconyMidland Town Hall with balcony seats middlePhoto from court house guildfordTown Hall leadlighttown hall midland side viewGhost Tour in council chambers Tour Photo 8th November Fun Shot with PattyCeiling in Mayors officeEdward Taylors PhotsGhost Tour echo story Nov 2013cropped-Midland-Town-Hall014.jpg Midland Town Hall Side view Ghost Tour in Chambers cropped-Midland-Town-Hall0141.jpgMidland Town Hall Side viewGhost Tour in council chambersGhost Tour in ChambersPatty Williamslogo6535471_lg jpeg

Midland Town Hall014

3 thoughts on “Gallery”

    1. Hello Wayne
      Yes we can do private tours, minimum number would be 30 to keep the price at $40.00 per person.
      If you would like a smaller number of people the cost per person would increase, however if you book a tour for 30 people we could look at a group discount.
      Kind Regards

  1. Come & spend the nite @ midland town hall ghost tour & c what u experience in ur 2hr tour if u dare .

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