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Have you ever felt  your skin tingle or  the temperature of a room suddenly drop as you walk in? Perhaps you have seen something you are not quite sure about or you are just interested in the Paranormal or Unexplained.

This is what happened to me when I first entered The Midland Town Hall for a council meeting.  Being new to council I didnt want everyone to think I was crazy so I said nothing. Some months went by and over a meal one night I overheard other councillors discussing the Ghost. I was very interested and became involved in the conversation. I discovered that many unexplained incidents had occured over the years in the Town Hall. I was interested to find out more so I visited the Midland library to start my research and to my amazement there were several records relating to unexplained incidents. I decided to dig deeper and after a lot of research and talking to numerous staff and others who have a lot to do with the Hall, I found that there was a lot more to the odd Ghost story as thought. I decided to investigate the stories further and engaged West Coast Paranormal  and other mediums to see if we could verify what I had seen and felt and to find out more about the Ghosts that have made this venue their safe haven.  West Coast Paranormal  stated that ” The Midland Town Hall is one of the most active buildings they have investigated in the past 6 years.”

What followed has been amazing. More activity and stories have been reported. We have identified around 72 entities to date.  I personally have now seen three full figured Ghosts and many shadows in the town hall.

Ghost Tours have been set up to share this experience with all those who are curious, the believers and the sceptics. Tours will be held every  Friday  and paranormal investigation workshops will be held on one Saturday evening once a month,

Come along and use Ghost hunting equipment  and hear about the Ghosts that we believe live in the Town Hall.

Tours are genuine and can be scary for some.

Participants must be 16 years or older

Bookings are essential.




  1. Can you please let me know if the next tour would be Friday the 13th of June?

    I have a number of friends interested in attending.

  2. I just recently did the Friday 13th tour I was very pleased at how thorough you are with your research and that you are still gathering more information and I experienced a few noise and feeling it was quiet exciting loved every minute of it I might have to go again and bring my skeptical husband with me haha
    I just saw you do workshops and maybe sleep overs soon I’m definitely keen on these two events as well if the first one was anything to go by

    1. Hi Amelia,
      I can do a discount for you. If all money is paid in advance to ensure that all 18 attend, I can reduce each ticket by $5.00. Bookings fill quickly so you would need to reserve and pay at least 2 weeks in advance. To book and pay please call me on 0428882778 as you wont be able to book on trybooking

  3. In the 50’s I lived in a house in Swan View. The previous owner was supposed to have stabbed his wife on the steps of the Midland Town Hall in a crime of passion. The couple were displaced persons (refugees) from Ukraine/USSR and their surname was something like Mulowa. Do you have any information about this incident?

    1. Hello Luba
      Yes that is correct. He stabbed his wife at 9.40am on 16th April 1955 on the stairs of the Town Hall. Her name was Daria Mulawa. Thank you for sending me the information.
      Kind Regards

    1. Hello
      The next available tour is on the 15th April (Late) tour 10.20 to 12.30pm or Early Tour on 22nd April 7.50 to 10pm
      Bookings can be made online at http:/
      Kind Regards

  4. Amazing night had a few feelings cool breeze came from the room with the tables where the aboriginal boys were, on going past that door or entering the room. Feeling of a women following behind while walking up the stairs to the tower room think she came from the toilet area a feeling of being chocked there. Felt someone had died on the wooden staircase. They were my feelings anyway great night and great food too thanks girls it was real fun.

  5. Hello,
    I was wandering when you have more ghost tours from May and onwards? could you be under 16 but with an adult to attend these ghost tours?

    1. Hello Charlotte,
      I have attached all the 5 tours that we do and if you click on the link and continue like you were booking it will show you the available dates and the available places.
      New Ghost Tour Dates have been released due to increased demand. If you click on the tour you are interested in and continue like you were making a booking, available dates will be revealed.

      Midland Town Hall 2 hour Tour:

      Midland Junction Arts Centre 2 hour Tour:

      Mystery Ghost Bus Tour:

      Midland Junction Arts Centre Paranormal Workshop and Investigation:

      Midland Town Hall Paranormal Workshop and investigation:

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